Louis Paul Snellgrove


Born and bred in Leeds, England. My parents run a traditional English fish and chip shop. Always inspired by doctors, I worked hard at school earning myself a place at Leeds School of Medicine, graduating as a doctor in 2010. Growing up my heroes were the early explorers who risked all in the pursuit of discovery and knowledge. 


After moving to Australia 6 years ago I am now proud to call myself an Australian citizen. I am currently training to be an Emergency Medicine Specialist. Living and working in Australia has provided me with experiences I could only have dreamed of as a child. During my medical training I have worked within an indigenous community on Palm Island in the Coral Sea, North Queensland, as well as in Australia’s red centre, Alice Springs and on the Queensland government rescue helicopter and the royal flying doctors plane as a retrieval doctor. 


Lloyd compliments my thirst for adventure. When he suggested the cycle, the ideas began to flow and soon after we had plans to break a Guinness world record! Many people laughed at our idea but we are both very determined individuals and great mates so we put the ideas into reality. 



In the 8 years of practising medicine I have witnessed many highs and sadly lows in the lives of many people. Neurological illnesses in particular can have a huge impact on the lives of the individuals and families involved. Treatments for many conditions effecting the brain are still fairly limited. Supporting research to enhance understanding and develop new treatments will eventually reduce the burden of suffering. It will be a privilege to do the cycle in the hope to raise money and awareness for the good work supported by the Brain foundation.